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His uncle was Ephraim Paddock , the brother of Phebe Paddock. Johnsbury, Vermont , and set up a wheelwright’s shop above his father’s gristmill. In he built an iron foundry and his brother Erastus joined him to establish E. Fairbanks , a partnership to manufacture heating stoves, cast iron plows, and farm implements. Fairbanks, being mechanically minded, made and patented a hemp and flax dressing machine at this time.

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Search Page Fairbanks Scales It appears to be simple coincidence that two of the greatest American scale companies of the 19th and 20th centuries were both Vermont founded and based. The Fairbanks Scales of St. Johnsbury, Vermont and the Howe scales of Rutland, Vermont seem to have no other similarities than both being founded in tiny Vermont. In , Thaddeus Fairbanks started a foundry in St Johnsbury to manufacture two of his inventions, a cast iron stove and a cast iron plow.

In they applied for a patent and immediately began manufacturing their first scale, a revolutionary different platform scale. It would turn out to be incredibly successful and the first of many, many new scale innovations. Even before the start of the Civil War, when the youngest brother Joseph joined the Company, Fairbanks Scales may have been the most recognized American product in the world.

Then, only a few years after the Civil War, Fairbanks was making over 4, scales a year and supplying them throughout the world. They even had licensing agreements and manufacturing plants in several countries. By it was producing more than 80, scales annually and by they held more than scale related patents and manufactured more than 10, different models. He renamed the company “Fairbanks-Morse” and added a line of diesel and electrical engines and industrial pumps.

In the company was purchased by and merged with Penn-Texas and was again renamed:

Fairbanks-Morse Model Z with compressor

Stationary Engines Wolseley Stationary Engines – David Edgington has been researching Wolseley history, and the full range of engines, for around 30 years. This book, around 60 pages with over illustrations, is the culmination of that research and has been painstakingly put together during the last 10 months.

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Contact Fairbanks History As one of the nation’s oldest industrial manufacturing companies, Fairbanks Scales has consistently maintained a solid reputation of providing top quality products and service since Thaddeus, a mechanic and builder, was a wagonmaker by trade. Full of new ideas for inventions, he built a foundry in to manufacture two of his inventions—the cast iron plow and a stove.

In , Erastus joined Thaddeus’ lucrative business. Once in business together, the two brothers realized that the current weighing system yielded inaccurate results. So, Thaddeus decided to invent a new, more dependable weighing machine. Innovation Found in the Form of Levers Through an arrangement of levers, Thaddeus Fairbanks was able to tremendously reduce the amount of weight needed to counter-balance a load.

Not completely satisfied with his invention, he took it a step further. He dug a pit for the levers, placing the platform level with the ground. This modification ended the task of having to hoist the entire load. In his first design, Thaddeus rested a platform on two long levers which were connected to a steelyard, upon which the counterbalance was placed. Although achieving accurate weighing results, Thaddeus was troubled by the instability of the design. On the morning he was to leave St.

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This closure was short-lived and lasted but a year as a group of investors reopened the facility in February of renaming it as the Canadian Locomotive Company, a designation that was slightly changed to Canadian Locomotive Company, Ltd. The new CLC was much more successful as a locomotive manufacturer than its predecessors and its name remained unchanged for the next half-century. Through World War II the CLC was able to construct roughly one locomotive per week and did its part during the conflict by producing equipment for the Allies.

Additionally, it also manufactured steam locomotives and other machinery to be sent to Europe following the rebuilding effort.

On the farm were two Fairbanks Morse YH engines. One, a 14HP model is still standing on a concrete block where it used to run a centrifugal pump, drawing water out of the Berg River. This engine is badly rusted from standing out in the weather and has parts missing from it.

If the starter cups are not worn out too far the most common problem is the starter pawls not extending when the rope is pulled. The friction washers and the spring pressure has to be correct to cause the pawls to extend when the recoil revolves. I count myself lucky as I bought out a saw repair shops left over stock of starter cups, pawls washers etc and have not had to look around for any lately. They are out there but you have to look for them, the old standby eBay and some of the eBay stores have some.

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You need a friction washer on each side of the pawl assembly – these will be made of “friction material” – sort of fibrous stuff. I was missing one, and made a new one out of leather – it works fine.

Accidental Hobbyist Acquires Antique Gas Engine Collection

Likes Received Welcome to the club! You sound like a “keeper of the flame” so you’re certainly welcome here. I’m not that familiar with “Fairbanks” as a maker of anything other than scales, but I wouldn’t put much of anything past them either. What you have appears to be a knock-off copy of my 21″ Excelsior Royersford or maybe visa-versa? Question is – how many others would pay – and can you get it for less.

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If you are looking for stretch position, there are a lot of battle field promotions, but without the pay and or the benefits or the acknowlwdgwment. If you apply yourself, you can see and do a lot stuff as a young and inexperience engineer that no sane place would let you take on without several more years of experience. The top management is not on site. Which works out to really be a Pro instead of a con because none of them would know a diesel engine if they tripped over it.

They are all located s of miles from Beloit, WI. Several of the upper mgrs. There are only 3 or 4 places in North American that one can still do this. This is a union shop. These are the most friendliest and easy going union trades people to work with. I would encourage all junior engineers under 35 to spend as much time on the floor as possible.

The union trades will let you help and even lend a hand from time to time when they are a few persons short. Beloit, WI is in the middle of nowhere. However, it is not as backwards as it appears.

Fairbanks-Morse Building, 600 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago 5, Illinois.

In our Gift Shop we have: The items shown are examples of items available in the gift shop at the train station there are no on-line sales. You can charter the entire train for your party, birthday, wedding, etc. The train runs from our station in Boulder City, Nevada westward for about 4 miles along the historic Boulder Branch Line constructed by the Union Pacific Railroad in to bring equipment and material to the Hoover Dam construction site.

The Fairbanks-Morse kerosene offerings in the mid teens were throttling governed engines, which allowed them to run hot enough to burn kerosene. These had standard make and break ignition, and were started and run on a small amount of gasoline until .

Youtube Video clip Visit our Facebook Page Operating out of the Woodford County Park in Versailles, Ky the museum offers a 11 mile ninety minute round trip train excursion ride through the horse farms of Central Kentucky. Visit the Museum displays of railroad history such as the Stationmaster’s desk at left. Then ride with us aboard coaches built in the ‘s and 30’s to see what rail travel was like in railroads hey-day before air travel and interstate highways.

See static displays of railroadings past, such as friction bearing trucks dating back to the turn of the 20th century and our rare Louisville and Nashville watchman’s shanty. See actual stones from the first railroad built in Kentucky. They were uncovered during construction on farm property near Frankfort. One stone with iron strap rail still intact is displayed inside the Museum.

Fairbanks Morse Model 32 Stationary Engine

Elevator Diaries Important to preserving the history of the country grain elevator are the stories and memories of people associated with the elevator — whether a farmer delivering grain, elevator employee, or someone just driving across the wide open expanses of the prairie. Here are a few that Society members and others have shared.

Those in bold are the most recent postings resulting from the American Profile story of Jan.

Carri Fairbanks is 38 years old and was born on 4/22/ Currently, she lives in Colorado Springs, CO McConnell Afb, mes Carri goes by various nicknames including carri lyn morse and carri l fairbanks. She currently works as a Medical Coder at Centura Health / Penrose Hospital.

Founding and early history[ edit ] Fairbanks-Morse windmill Fairbanks Morse and Company began in when inventor Thaddeus Fairbanks opened an ironworks in St. Johnsbury, Vermont , to manufacture two of his patented inventions: In he started a hemp dressing business for which he built the machinery. Though unsuccessful in fabricating for fiber factories, another invention by Thaddeus, the platform scale, formed the basis for a great enterprise.

That device was patented in June , and a generation later, the E. Scales were integral to business as marine and railway shippers charged by weight. Fairbanks scales won 63 medals over the years in international competition. It became the leading manufacturer in the US, and the best-known company the world over until Henry Ford and the Ford Corporation assumed this title in the s.

Wheeler set up shop in Beloit just after the Civil War. Soon half a million windmills dotted the landscape throughout the West and as far away as Australia. As part of this expansion, Morse brought Wheeler and his Eclipse Windmill pumps into business with the Fairbanks company. Canadian and American cities had branch dealerships, with Fairbanks first coming to Montreal, Quebec , Canada, in and later opening a factory there.

Fairbanks platform scale Market expansion into engines[ edit ] Model H.

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Now most of them are out of date. So, I bought a A in rough condition, to use for parts. Quite a few small things have come in handy off of it Today I had the trashed tires removed from the rear rims for my A, and the front rims off the parts machine.

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1936 Fairbanks Morse Diesel