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The Meyer C Series has been discontinued. Parts will be available for 10 years. It had been around since The C Series is no longer in production. The ST Series has been discontinued. They were not designed for commercial use. The only ST’s left as of last year were the ST

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calc, Features,, 37” high side panels,, Strong, high-carbon steel cutting edge for long life,, Features the Quick Attach mounting system for fast, easy hook-up,, Easy adjust depth shoes.

Submit Your Own Review Review by: Used for the first time this season, living near Buffalo NY we get plenty of snow. It worked very well. Did a lot of research and looking into this plow and it just plain and simple works. Mine was purchased used, but there is nothing to go wrong with them. I would recommend this to anyone.

It pushed thru 2 feet of powder, and the same heavy wet snow later in the week with no issues. Only complaint it the plow markers, They need to be taller and a brighter color. Have a pic before the snow. I added up the cost plus chains and I would still be in the cold.

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They begin by using tough, American made steel and build the entire plow and hardware at their Cleveland, Ohio plant. Another great feature is a unique mounting bracket that allows the blade to pivot on any axis. That means the blade will float along the surface of whatever you are plowing, and you can still pivot the blade to push snow to either side.

Rather than a tube structure, the EMP push frame is an extremely strong, boxed-in weldment of interlocking laser cut parts. Twin trip springs allow the blade to rotate down and then over any unseen object under the snow. An accessory winch raises the blade, and the winch mount comes with the plow.

(BD) Clevis Grab Hook-(BD) Clevis Grab Hook Drop forged and heat treated Zinc plated For use with grade 40/43 chain Chain Size: 7/16Pin Size: 9/16 x /8Pin Diameter: 9/

Bobcat Snowplow December 26, I recently purchased a S Bobcat skid steer loader and snowblower, primarily for snow removal operations. I wanted to be able to move my 8 ft. Fisher snowplow that’s normally used on my 1 ton dump truck back and forth between the truck and the Bobcat. I used a blank Bobcat quick-attach plate and scrap steel that I had available for the plow attaching mounts. I purchased the necessary hydraulic components to be able to angle the blade using the Bobcat’s auxiliary hydraulics.

The power angling would be initiated via a thumbswitch on the Bobcat’s right hand steering lever. Here’s what the final result looks like: I disliked the standard Bobcat straight snowplow arrangement because it made no provision for floating of the blade other than float of the main lift arms. I definitely did not want the extra weight of the lift arms applying any down pressure on the blade. I don’t use plow shoes at all as I have found they can only make such a problem worse.

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The majority of the snow plow you will find out there on the market are made from steel, albeit, there are different types of steel and their quality thus enhances the performance of the snow accessory. Weight The type of ATV you own determines the snow plow that is best suited for it. The level of snows your shovel can push away is determined by the width of your plow. Therefore, it is advisable that you get a smaller plow if your ATV is of smaller size and if your ATV is of a bigger size, then you should opt for a bigger plow.

Design Snow plow comes in two designs the V — shape and the straight shape. The common type is the straight plows; they are lighter and cheaper as well.

The WESTERN® Suburbanite™ snow plow is SUV and compact pick-up ready. Now you can conquer the drifts in your driveway from the comfort of a warm vehicle with the plow that’s as easy to attach to your vehicle as it is to use.

News Push Box Snow Plows Box Plows are designed to push snow straight ahead without leaving wind rows or damaging the pavement beneath it. Box plows push snow up to five times faster than a standard snow plow, which has a huge effect on the amount of time a job takes, and the amount of money one driver can make. Push Box snow plows are designed to be attached to back hoes, front loaders, skidsteers, tractors, fork lifts, and other heavy equipment. Compact Push Box Snow Plows: The smallest Box Plows offered by Buyers, the Compact Scoop Dogg will fit on smaller tractors, farm equipment, and construction gear.

Be sure to carefully balance the power of your vehicle with the size of the Push Box so that you do not have problems moving forward through snow. Bolt-on Pull Back Kits available — when mounted, and with the ScoopDogg rotated forward, the Pull Back Kit can be used to pull snow away from buildings, docks, and other tight places. Backhoe Push Box Snow Plows:

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With the advent of the automobile, a number of inventors set about to improve existing snowplows. In the US, patents were issued for snowplow improvements at least as early as In , the brothers Hans and Even Everaasen of Norway constructed an early snowplow for use on cars. This proved to be the start of a tradition in snow-clearing equipment for roads, railways and airports, as well as the foundation of the company Everaasen Snow Removal Systems. His company, Frink Snowplows, now Frink-America, was founded by some accounts as early as Today there are several companies manufacturing snow plows here is a list and some information about some of them.

Sep 21,  · Looking to buy a new snow plow this year since the Farmers Almanac says it will be one of the worst winters yet. I want one that doesn’t cut up the plastic bumper valance too much.

I had 3 pre DD blizzards and nothing but problems and failures. I love the shoebox, very intuitive. The western has a round support bar running length of plow. And the fisher has an even beefier square tube the length of the plow. You are correct and I was wrong, they are different on top. Round tube is stronger than square tube I was referring to the bottom where the cutting edge attaches.

The WipeOot and “Blizzard” are the same, they have an angle there “supporting” it. Pre-DD Blizzards were boxed and never folded under until rust took over. This happens when obstructions are hit. But it can and will happen, the wing is bent, not the moldboard. And yes, pre-DD wings bent as well, every time an obstruction was hit.

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Chevy Diesels are not manufacturer recommended to have a plow, because the Torsion bars can’t handle the load. That being said, on my f , I own a Boss 8’6″ SD plow. I run their wings, which brings the plow to 10’6″ length of the cutting edge. MrPlowJR who posted in this thread can possibly comment on the storm, although he doesn’t live in my area, but does live close enough to remember.

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These are good ideas. I thought about a snow blower. My dad uses one on his partly gravel drive. It is a very very cold experience becasue some of the blown snow blows back on you. He also ends up with gravel all over his yard. He has to repair the blade thingy a lot too. Newer ones have soft blades that may not get damaged by rocks. I do not know whether it would work on the woods side because some of the trees are close to the driveway. The snow will just bounce of and back into the driveway.

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